About me

Hello!! This is kiran!!

I am an undergraduate student studying in Indian Institute of Information Technology SriCity which is in India. I am pursuing my Bachelors degree(Hons) in Computer Science and Technology. My prime area of research is in Robotics and am doing my honours project on Visual navigation of Flying Robots. Please find my resume1

About Myself:

I am a third-year undergraduate student studying in India. Besides having a key interest towards networking, robotics and systems-related courses I also like hacking on embedded electronics. I like to work on an open-source project this summer because it is interesting and contributing to the project is fun and exciting. I did not work much on open-source before, but I have some idea about how things work in open-source community which seem to be very fascinating. What will you do if you get stuck on your project and your mentor isn’t around?

Projects done so far:

Visual Navigation for Flying robots: Quadcopters have to intelligently conceptualize methods such as localization, mapping, path planning, motion planning and state estimation to navigate autonomously. The current techniques like SLAM, Sampling-based Planning etc. available in the present world are explored and implemented on a designed quadcopter. Also, any improvements in these techniques pertaining to these methods are incorporated in this project.

Designing and building a low-level quadcopter: In this project, a Quadcopter suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments is designed, implemented and constructed. A pose tracker using EKF(Extended Kalman Filter) is programmed in the flight computer to calculate the pose of the Quadcopter every instant.

Intelligent Parking system: This module is a part of ADS(Autonomous Driving System) used for accurate autonomous parking. The Beaglebone Black in the robot finds the set point by matching features using SURF descriptors on the template image and directs the output to the actuators(motors) connected to PRU(Programmable Real-time Unit).

Web Server: This is a practical implementation of a full-fledged, real-time server using Berkeley sockets API. It can easily handle huge number of client connections. It has an implementation of HTTP-Secure through TLS and includes a HTTP 1.0 parser. This web-server is fully functional and capable of running interactive web applications via CGI interface.

Nachos: I implemented Berkeley’s operating system in Java which works as a virtual machine and runs as a user process in the host operating system. The Nachos kernel is compiled by the Java compiler, the obtained MIPS assembly is linked and executed natively on the processor of the host machine.

Other Skills:
I plan all my work properly and sketch out a perfect routine so that the work planned gets completed within the given time. I always sketch out priorities and keep priority management above time management. My policy is: “Hard-work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard !!”. I strongly feel that striving to know something is the best way to learn something.
I can assure that I will work around 50-55 hours a week without any other object of interest. I also hope for lot of learning experience throughout the program and come closer to the open-source world.